Spectator Policy

Tournament Policies:

GOLF ETIQUETTE: Golf is a game of etiquette for players and spectators alike so there are some important rules to remember when following the action during the tournament.


CAMERAS: No cameras or video equipment are to be used when a professional is in the act of playing her shot. Flashes are an annoyance to players, TV and other spectators Please ensure that your mobile phones are switched to silent while following play. When using your camera please do so away from the golf action.


OBEY THE MARSHALS: They are there to ensure the event runs smoothly for everyone involved so please follow their instructions for everyone to have a good time.


STAND STILL AND KEEP QUIET DURING PLAY: The slightest movement or distraction can affect the players’ concentration so help them play their best by remaining still when they’re taking a shot. You can celebrate a good shot but please refrain from making noise as they prepare and take their shot.


NO AUTOGRAPHS DURING PLAY: The players are very friendly but please don’t disturb them during play. Join and meet all players outside the score recording area after play for autographs and #selfies.


STAY BEHIND THE ROPES: The boundaries help everyone get a good view of the action without affecting play. Stay off the fairways and greens unless directed by a marshal at a crossing point.


BE RESPECTFUL TO ALL: Let’s follow the players’ example of good sportsmanship. Whether they are your favourite or not, all the players deserve respect and encouragement.