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A Fan For Life

Edwin Cho is a fan. He’s 80 years of age and had a hip replacement only four months ago but, inspired by what he has been seeing of the second day of the HSBC Women’s World Championship, he will be back playing his own golf as from tomorrow.


Edwin, who used to be the marketing director at the Marco Polo hotel in Singapore, much prefers watching the women to the men. The men, he says, are too strong and they swing too aggressively for his liking. The women, on the other hand, swing more slowly and he finds it easier to copy their rhythm.  He would like to see them smile a bit more, “but then they have a good hole and you do get a smile from them”.


Like every other spectator, he has his favourite players. For the moment, his favourite is Lydia Ko because, like him, she is on the small side rather than big and powerful. “I’ve been watching her for four years,” he says.


It is her swing that he will have in mind when, first thing tomorrow morning, he resumes his own golf in a bid to get back to playing to his old 18 handicap.


Edwin has never taken lessons. His feeling is that you fork out for one lesson, that the process will never stop. “The coach might tell you that you’re doing one thing wrong and, the next day, he will find something else that could be better.”


Instead, he watches and he works out everything for himself. He has tapes of a host of different players, including Greg Norman and Gary Player but, all the time, he goes back to the women whose action he is more likely to be able to copy.


In the last four years he has seen a big improvement in the girls’ play. “They are physically stronger than they were and they’re driving the ball further. Two hundred and fifty hards is nothing to them.”


When it came to putting, he said he was not so sure that they had improved. “From what I’ve noticed, girls who putt well at the start of a round tend to keep putting well. It’s always been that way.”


Edwin could not hang around any longer. He paused to have his picture taken and then it was back to watching. “I’m watching, watching, watching.”


And tomorrow, thanks to the women professional, he’ll be putting what he’s learned back into practice. “I may be 80 but I feel as if my life is just beginning.”