Welcome from Songjiang District

In this harvest season, the 2018 WGC-HSBC Champions is once again held in Songjiang, Shanghai, at the foot of the She Mountain.


I express a warm welcome and best wishes to all the players and guests, on the behalf of the Songjiang committee, government and the people living in this district.


Songjiang is a district of Shanghai which has abundance of natural beauty and a fascinating historical heritage. It named as the roots of Shanghai, the summit of Shanghai and the head of the Huangpu River. It is also famous for the urban green coverage and university city.


Currently, we adhere to the new development concept of Xi Jinping Chairman as the command of the guidance, and constantly strengthen the “four consciousness”. We earnestly implement the positioning requirements for Songjiang from Shanghai municipal government, and promote the reformation and development drastically. We explore a new road diligently and assiduously, shape a development layout of “one goal, three initiatives” in the exploration. We put effect in the construction of G60 corridor, the national new urbanization pilot, and the tourism industry development tightly, in order to build a scientific, humanistic, and ecological Songjiang.


Sports works for health and development at the same time. In recent years, Songjiang district has been a major role in combining sports with culture, tourism and so on. Also, Songjiang brings a lot of help in developing economic society and culture of the whole district, constantly satisfying people’s increasing need for exercising and leisure.


This is the thirteenth time that the WGC-HSBC Champions has been held in Songjiang as one of the tournaments which has the largest scale and greatest line-up. The event has become an important brand for Songjiang. I hope that the tournament will let more citizens feel the charm of sports, stimulate the sports become the lifestyles of Songjiang citizens, and become the never-ending scenery for Songjiang.


Finally, I wish the 2018 WGC-HSBC Champions a great success and for the spectators, I hope you have an enjoyable time in Songjiang.


Thank you.


Chen Yujian

Mayor of Songjiang District, Shanghai Municipal Government